Nancy Mayne – Blossom & Rose Site Build



New eCommerce site

Domain & Hosting added to monthly costs.

Once off costs;

  • £41.27 DIVI customisable e-commerce ready WordPress theme.
  • £50.00 One hour site setup (£50 an hour). Including;
    • Hosting, SSL & Email
    • WordPress install & theme install
    • Plugins, performance, SEO, Contact Forms & Ecommerce
  • £150.00 Three hours config & theme edit (£50 an hour)

Optionals (Please let me know if these are of interest and I will add to the quote);

  1. Styling the site can either be quoted for, or with DIVI theme can easily be done by you.
  2. Setting up your payment gateway (recommend Stripe & PayPal).
  3. SEO Setup can be quoted for (Completed by Shauni)


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