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£30.00… WordPress theme, software licence costs

Covers any software license cost for a premium theme. Premium themes have many features inbuilt, and a well chosen one will add value and functionality to the site. They are also designer by designers, and we will have a choice of fantastic designs to chose from. There are free themes out there, but they will not provide a great platform to build your business on.

£12.50… Install, configure wordpress for general use

Basic setup of the site’s settings. Email notification, users etc. Using wordpress as a CMS has allowed many of our customers to take over the maintenance of the pages and content with very little training. the interface is slick, simple and very clean to work in.

£75.00… Install chosen theme

This will include setting up the pages, blogs, contact forms, and layout of the site.

£50.00… Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Pack

Install an SEO plugin, configure and test. Includes adding the tags, keywords, metadata and deep links to all pages (Current scope: Home, gallery, price list, contact).

Please note that dark pixel offers competitive SEO services, but these are offered on a monthly basis as SEO is a continuing campaign to challenge and supersede competitors. Campaigns start at £50 a month for 3 Hours of SEO work per month, minimum of 4 months.
Search Engine hits are not guaranteed.

£37.50… Move and migrate existing data across to from the old site

This will entail setting up all the pages and details as they were on the old site. Also migrating any email, hosting and domain setting required


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