Nancy Mayne Site Evolution Project



In Scope;

Evolve the current site using existing wordpress template if possible. Change colours, change logos etc.

Move the site from current domain to

Move from Shared Hosting to Share of Virtual Private server. (Faster and provides free SSL for SEO and e-commerce).

4x £50 per hour = £200

SEO Services;

Migrate domain search authority. (URL trawl, 301 redirects for 12 months – hosting for old site not included in this cost, see monthly services).
New site Google health check and listing.
New site audit and recommendations passed to Nancy.

4x £50 per hour = £200

Goodwill discount, £50 Applied.

Out of scope;

Custom Design

New WordPress template costs (i.e. if new template is required, this has not been included in the costs)

Ongoing SEO work.


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